Some Gift Cards Can Cost You Hundreds of Dollars!

August 14, 2013 at 3:15 am

Lately, there has been an Energy Service Company (ESCO) mailer circulating, that is promoting a gift card and a Low Introductory Rate to manage your energy. Before you choose this type of offer, we suggest that you read the fine print.

The fine print will tell you that this low introductory rate is only available to new customers for the first month. Therefore, every month thereafter, there will be a variable rate. You’ll most likely be paying more than you do now or more likely even hundreds more! It further states that the monthly variable rate can be higher or lower than the utility rate or even other third-party suppliers. It also says there is no guarantee of savings.

In every case when there is a gift card and low introductory rate offered together, and a variable rate thereafter, we have seen customers pay significantly more for their energy. In fact, recently we provided a residential customer, who had chosen a $75.00 gift card offer, with a 12-month analysis. We compared his new variable rate to an M&R Energy variable rate offer for gas & a fixed rate for electric. Guess what we found out? His $75.00 gift card cost him $750 more than had he purchased from M&R Energy! He was flabbergasted! Needless to say, he is now a customer of M&R Energy and he is paying $750.00 less for his energy!

Before you accept any gift card and low introductory rate – please read the fine print. Deregulation does benefit the consumer – when you are purchasing from M&R Energy Resources.

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