Electricity Supplier


Your business. Your facilities. Your home.

Your livelihood and comfort depend on reliable, economical energy solutions. For safe and efficient power that meets your needs at the market’s most competitive rates, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing an electric supplier is a breeze with a trusted energy partner looking out for you.

  • We review your usage profile and service classification.
  • We provide a cost analysis and evaluation of your options.
  • We deliver multiple energy quotes from our trusted partners.

Simplified contracts.

  • You choose the energy quote that works for you.
  • We arrange the contract with the awarded supplier.
  • We confirm your enrollment.

Seamless renewals.

  • 60 days prior to expiration we review how your energy contract has worked out for you.
  • We contact you to discuss our intel and advise on your best renewal options.
  • We prepare and submit your new contract for execution and confirm enrollment.
Electric Procurement Process

Fixed Rate Plans

  • Pay one price per kilowatt for the entire term of your agreement.
  • Eliminate surprise bills and spiking costs.
  • Benefit of stable and predictable energy costs despite market fluctuations.

Perfect for Commercial Customers!
Market-proof your energy budget by choosing a fixed rate plan. Lower operating costs and simplify cash flow management with one price for your tailored term.

Variable Rate Plans

We monitor energy trends and costs closely for our customers who choose to leverage market fluctuations in their favor. With the intel we provide, adjusting your electricity usage accordingly can also amount to big savings.

Changing rates can make it tough to predict monthly costs and budgeting, but it’s a lot easier to avoid unexpected changes due to market volatility with M&R on your side.

Fixed Rate vs. Variable Rate