CHG&E’s Surcharge equals a 40% increase.

February 11, 2014 at 9:24 pm

Central Hudson has implemented an interim surcharge effective February 3, 2014 – September 1, 2014 that applies to natural gas only. This surcharge resulted in a 40% increase from January to February. The January natural gas rate was $.64297 per Ccf and the February rate is $1.06424 per Ccf. The natural gas market hasn’t experienced rates this high, by a utility, since Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

To avoid this significant increase, M&R Energy Resources will be offering a guaranteed discount during this term of February 2014 – September 1, 2014 to natural gas customers.

Contact us today to enroll into a program guaranteed to save your home or business from February – September 2014. Also be sure to ask us about our electric rate offers.

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